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Forms for College Student Bigs

If you are a Lynchburg College, Sweet Briar or Randolph College student, please email Jessica Merrow if you have any questions about the below paperwork or programs.

If you are a Liberty University or CVCC student, please email Becky Short if you have any questions about the below paperwork or programs.

NOTE: There are no costs associated with completing paperwork and all forms must be returned to BBBS.  Regardless what the background check forms may state, there is no cost to you and they must be turned into BBBS, not the agency listed.

Instructions on how to complete the following paperwork (complete only the parts indicated below):

  • – Both Pages of the Application Form
  • – Please have at least two (2), preferably three (3) references completed by family members, teachers, friends, etc. that have you known you for at least one (1) year, and are aware of your experiences working with children
  • – On the CANIS form page 1 (VA Dept of Social Services), complete Part 2 as much as you can and sign Part 3 on CANIS form page 2.
  • – Read and sign the confidentiality agreement
  • – Read the volunteer safety information sheet and sign the volunteer information sheet form
  • – Complete the volunteer availability form

Volunteer Application

Reference Form

CANIS Background Check

Background Check

Participant Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteer Safety Tips Information Sheet and Form

Volunteer Availability Form